Monday, March 4, 2013

Staying Focused

I've been following along with Sam from The Junk House's kitchen makeover. Its coming along sooo well and I've been inspired to follow in her footsteps and work in one room at the time....This is a constant struggle for me, I seem to have a million and one projects going on at one time, I truly do have Attention Deficit Decorating Disorder.  For instance I just revealed my Master Bathroom Makeover which from the looks of it is complete, but I still have a few minor touch ups that I need to take care of, but because it looks done... I am itching to move on to the next project or space... I even purchased curtains from World Market over the weekend for my kitchen, in my defense they were on sale...which leads me to the other reason I don't tend to work "one room at at time". I do a lot of shopping at Thrift Stores or Goodwill and if I find something that may work in another space I will buy it even though I don't technically need it at the time. 

To help me stay on track I went through my house room by room and made a list of what needs to be done in the space so that it will help me stay focused on the room I am working on at the time.
Here is the list from my Master Bathroom...

 Artwork/shelf over toilet
Rehang shelf in closet
Take down towel bar
Hang hand towel holders
Artwork for big wall
Declutter drawers and cabinets
Declutter closet
Clean light fixture
Touch up paint on cabinet
Replace toilet seat
Deep clean shower
Hang towel hooks over board and batten
Paint baseboards
Touch up paint on wall
Add Board and Batten

I'm thinking about something along these lines for artwork/shelving over the toilet

Do you focus on one room at the time when you decorate or do you suffer from Attention Deficit Decorating Disorder like me?


  1. I have decorating A.D.D. too! I'm having a hard time sticking to one room, but it really is working out for me. Although I just ordered fabric to make curtains for the living room and I'm looking for a sectional. And I'm itching to turn our junk room/office into a functional office/guest room. I have a stash of thrift store finds that I couldn't pass up, but haven't done anything with too.

  2. Great idea! I try to do too many rooms at once and get them all mixed up. Heck, I plan for rooms I don't even have right now! Thanks Pinterest! Hahaha But I really do love those shelves over the toilet, I am also a huge sucker for grey walls!



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