Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've been to the jungle

A few weekends ago I was able to host a jungle themed baby shower for my sister in law and her new arrival James. It was so much fun to put my craftiness to use and be able to shower her with fun, food, family and fantastic gifts. For me the best part of being a hostess is being able to decorate. Once I decided on my theme I decided that the colors would be yellow, green, orange and brown and that the main decorations I needed were: centerpieces, banner, and a diaper cake.

Here are the centerpieces:

The centerpieces were very easy to make and just consisted of wrapping cans in cardstock, filling them with green tissue paper and inserting a wooden jungle animal that I purchased from Michaels. I found this idea on flickr, but cant remember the persons name.

Next I started on the name banner which also can be used in his nursery. It's simply made out of scrapbook paper. Since I dont have one of those fancy cutting machines I had to cut everything out by hand. For the letters I printed the letters in a large font onto cardstock and used it as a stencil. Once I had all of the pieces together I connected it with a string of riboon. Very easy!

Finally was my first attempt at a diaper cake. I watched numerous you tube videos on how to make it, but in the end I simply used what I had at home. Here is the end result:

If you have questions on how I made the cake leave me a comment and I will be glad to answer. If I had been a "good" blogger I would have taken step by step pictures. Luckily I have another one to do in a few weeks so I will remember to take pictures as I make that one.

And a shower wouldn't be complete with out a cake. Take a look at the fabulous cake that my friend made as a gift to the mom. She is just learning how to use fondant and this cake turned out amazing. She is new to cake decorating and just starting her own side business so if you are in eastern nc and need a cake I can provide her information to you.

I know that you want to see little James so without further ado.... Please welcome my nephew James and his mom.

And just because I like this picture here I am with the new mommy under the Martha pompoms I made.

Head on over to Kimba's for her weekly DIY party. Its just a click away.



  1. Very cute! I love the faux cake out of baby clothes. very clever!

  2. Your shower decorations are wonderful. I'm so impressed with the clothes cake---it's even cuter than the diaper cakes! You clever girl!

  3. how sweet is that?! I have a grand baby coming soon so I may just have to use some of your great ideas :)

  4. Happy squeals~well done!

    Come by and see my Pottery Barn inspired typography basket.

  5. I love the centerpeice..my sons 1st bday party is in 2 weeks and i need 14 centerpeices...lol..thanks for the idea...

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by and following--I'll be following you :)

    The centerpieces are just adorable...we are doing jungle-y too :) My husband has decided he loves giraffes hehehe :)



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