Thursday, March 7, 2013

Operation Declutter

I know that I am suppose to be focusing on one room at the time, but I couldn't  pass these curtains up I found on sale in World Market. I love the color, pattern and they are 96" long best of all they were only $38.00 per panel. Me being the frugal person that I am almost left them in the store because paying almost $80 per window is a lot of money for this Goodwill Gal, but since I'm going to use them in the kitchen which only has one window, I justified it..
I cant wait to get them hung in the kitchen and make a few changes in that space....

But in the meantime I am continuing to de-clutter every space in my home. Remember my messy nightstand drawers, well over the weekend I emptied them completely and separated everything into appropriate categories. I spread everything out on my bed so that I would force myself to finish the project before I went to sleep, I couldn't get in the bed with all this stuff covering the bed if I tried....6 drawers full of stuff


Everything from photos, books, medicine, to cords, craft supplies, and batteries.  I need better storage solutions than just simply throwing things in a drawer. I decided that the top dresser drawer would hold things that I may use at night like the latest book or magazine I'm reading, along with medicine I may occasionally need.

I still need to find a solution for my book collection, perhaps a bookcase in the guest room.

One full bag of trash to add to my 40 bags in 40 days challenge.  So far that's a total of 5 bags of trash, donations, or items for my Spring Yardsale.

Of course I didn't have time to find organizing solutions for every bin so I simply put each "category" back in a drawer. So one drawer holds my office supplies....

Another drawer holds photos and old cards....Do you keep cards or just throw them away? I find it hard to through away a card for some reason.

This simple project made me realize I really need to find solutions for Photo Organization
Home Office Supplies, Craft Supplies, and Books. Something else to add to my never ending to do list. 

  How do you organizing your photos, office supplies, crafts, and books?


  1. I really like those curtains! It's nice that they are 96" long. It seems like the regular 84" ones aren't always long enough...especially if you want to hang the curtain rod higher! I have a hard time spending money on items too, but sometimes you just have to break open that wallet!

  2. I love this post. I'm constantly trying to declutter. Storage bins are my best friend these days.

  3. Thanks Erin, storage bins really do come in handy. I'm trying my best to organize my home this year.



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