Friday, March 1, 2013

Speed Cleaning Your Home

Many projects in my home have been inspired by Pinterest. Most recently I was inspired to add Board and Batten for my Master Bathroom makeover. I love the way the bathroom turned out...
I have so many inspirations on my Pinterest boards about cleaning and organizing, so be sure to stop by and check them out.
If you have been reading along you know that I am working on cleaning and organizing my home, so when I had an extra few minutes before work one morning I started in bedroom

 It was a mess, just a result of not taking the time to put stuff back.

I know my mom taught me to "put things back where they belong" when I was growing up, obviously I didnt learn that lesson to well.... I am working on it though...

The garbage bag and Food Lion tote are from purging my dresser drawers, I'm saving these for a yard  sale at the end of the month..

My nightstand has a collection of books that I'm reading my vitamins, cleaning wipes, my cell phone and a bunch of other mess

 15 minutes later and the room looked soooo  much better, not perfect, but better

Next step tackle the nightstand drawers....


 and finish decorating this room.  

I'm not what you would call a naturally organized person or one that loves to clean just to clean
so I've come up with 10 tips to Speed Clean your home

  1. Make your bed as soon as you get out of it. Simply having a pretty bed makes the whole room look better and I sleep better if I get into a bed already made versus one that is a dishelved mess.
  2. Light a candle and put on some music.  Music keeps me going and I dont think about the time and I love for my house to smell good.
  3. SET A TIMER FOR 15 Minutes for each of the next steps, when the timer goes off, its time to move on.
  4. Get a laundry basket and go to each room and put everything in the basket that doesn't belong in the space. Dont get sidetracked and start reminising over photos that you may find, or stop to read the magazine left in the kitchen (not that I would know anything about that).  
  5. Kitchen: Clear out the sink, if needed empty the dishwasher and then load the dishes. Spray down the sink and counters with your favorite cleaning spray and wipe downWipe the outside of all appliances. If you have time clean out the microwave.
  6. Bathroom: Clean the sink first then the toilet. Straighten the rugs, hang up a new hand towel. Clean the mirrors.
  7. BREAK for 15 Minutes (good time to do some crunches, jumping jacks, etc...)
  8. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6. if needed.
  9. Floors: Vacuum all floors then mop all floors.
  10. Put away everything from the basket. and sit back and enjoy your work     

Just so you know, this is not meant to be a nitty gritty cleaning, you will just be getting the basics, but I find if the basics are done then I am more apt to get busy with the deep down cleaning. Once a room is cleaned and prettified I find that I want to keep it clean and make more of an effort to put things back in place...

Do you speed clean? What tips do you use to keep your home neat and tidy?

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  1. Good tips! I feel so much better about my house once it's picked up and cleaned. Even if it's not a deep cleaning, just putting everything away and wiping up surfaces makes a huge difference.

  2. I agree Sam, sometimes I just dont have time to deep clean but if everything is put away then the house feels soooo much better

  3. I think everyone has to speed clean in order to leave the house!



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