Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I had a great one....

On Saturday I watched my little man play basketball
I was so glad that I captured this shot even though its blurry and out of focus
I love the intense look on his face....

this one is blurry too
but look how he is running down the court
Great shots, mommy, but mommy needs a new camera

Of course I made a trip to the Goodwill
It wouldn't be a complete weekend if I didn't step foot in my favorite store
Look at what I found

Olivia Moon Navy Blue stripe shirt with ruffle detail $3.39
This brand is found in Nordstrom 
cant wait to see what outfits I can put together with this shirt

and two super cute pairs of sandals
the black pair is by Kelly and Katie and the brown/gold are by Chinese Laundry
each only $3.39

and they are brand new 
just look at the bottom of the shoes
no signs of any wear and tear

a basic red stripe Ann Taylor Loft tee for $3.39

and last but certainly not least
this really cute clutch purse

by Vera Bradley
for $1.99
can you believe I got a Vera Bradley bag for 1.99

 I love the pattern on the inside 
and the weaving detail on the exterior is really cute
but I usually carry a larger bag or a smaller bag with a handle
I havent decided if I am going to keep this one or list it on ebay
what do you think keep it or sell it?

I've already got a pile to list
I love selling on ebay
its a quick and easy way to make some extra cash and clear out your closets at the same time

picked up these books from Barnes and Noble

Little man was not thrilled about the writing and reading comprehension books
but mommy said so
and I picked out a NLT (New Living Translation) Bible
in other words PLAIN ENGLISH that I can understand
or at least understand better

I also worked on some Home Improvement projects that required a trip to Lowes Home Improvement
I cant wait to finish so I can show you the final project
no teaser picture
but I will tell you it involved a hammer, box cutter, and paint......
any guesses on what I'm working on

Hope you had a GREAT weekend,
Lets make it a FABULOUS week!!!!

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  1. you had a productive weekend!!! loe the fast action bball pics and all your goodwill finds! I never score pieces like that, lucky you!



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