Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Look what I've been wearing

Friends, meet my baby girl Bailey
She is a Pug-Pekingnese Mix
Ms. Bailey is often attached to me like a piece of velcro, and is one spoiled dog....
Little Man loves her, but she gets sooooo hyper when he is around....
as you can tell she loves the fireplace
just look at that sweet face

Every morning when I take her out for her potty time
I slip on my worn out rainbow flip flops and socks
Can you believe I step foot outside like this?
This truly is a fashion don't, but at 7am I could care less about my shoes.

But since it is cold out and sometimes rainy, I did find a cute pair of slippers at Tar-Jay (Target)
(i'm too lazy to get up and take a picture of them for this blog post)
 I'll show you later....k

This outfit is much more my style
I dont think you would be embarrassed to be seen with me wearing this outfit

Plaid Old Navy Shirt (3.39 at Goodwill)
Cascade Vest New Directions (gifted)
Old Navy Jeans (25.00 on sale)
B.O.C. Boots (25.00 on sale)

 Jean Shirt (Goodwill 3.39)
Khaki Pants (gifted)
Leopard Print Scarf (10.00)

(PLEASE ignore the suitcase pile on the bed)

 My favorite part of this outfit is my new Fossil Watch that my parents gave me for Christmas.....
I love it.......

I'd say these outfits are just "eh", better than being neeked though

Even though my outfits are just "eh" 
I am loving my new haircut

I found my inspiration on Pinterest of course

Source: zimbio.com via Ches on Pinterest

           How do you think my stylist did in recreating the look?

ignore the blotchy skin, red eyes and undereye circles
Focus on the hair people, focus on the hair
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  1. LOL! I was wearing socks with my flip flops while I was playing with my dogs in the backyard yesterday! It's just so convenient! haha



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