Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving on Home Decor (One Kings Lane)

I just found out about a great way to save on home decor from Nester and want to pass it along to you in case you havent heard about them.

One Kings Lane Sale Events

 OKL {thats their nickname} is an online sample sale that’s open to the public.  They list deeply discounted home related  items for 72 hours and often sell out before the sale ends.  The only thing you need to do to have access to the sales is join by entering in your email address so OKL can send you sale emails {no worries, you can set your email preferences to get them less often, but I like to be reminded to check every day}. 

 Some of the items are targeted toward really high end designers with prices that are wayyyy out of my budget, but they also have items and prices that regular folk like me can afford.  One thing that I really like about OKL is that you wont have to worry about everyone having "your" item.  As much as I love Target, Pier 1, Pottery Barn etc... its nice to have some items that are unique that my in real life peeps dont have (is that selfish, I hope not).  These are some items that I am really thinking about purchasing.

The Finishing TouchBarreveld 17
Global Amici S/2 Calypso Hurricanes, LgThe Complete Kitchen Garden

What makes shopping at OKL even better is when you refer your friends you get a $25 credit after they make their first purchase.  Its kind of like a domino effect I invite you and you invite your friends and we all win. If you decide to sign up at OKL, I'd love for you to follow my referral link


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I checked out your Eggtastic wreath. I love it! I really like your more muted egg colors better then mine :) Wish our $ store had them!!
    New follower too :) Looking forward to reading more!

  2. I just read about this site the other day. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to go check it out.

  3. oh no, this place looks addicting! LOL! Thanks for sharing! I just signed up using your link!!

  4. I love watering cans - kinda obsessed with them right now! Wish we had OKL - I'd so shop there!

  5. Awesome!!! And they have adorable & unique baby stuff! One of my favorite things is shopping for baby stuff for my friends (hopefully one day for myself!) Thanks for sharing this!!

    And seriously, if you want to do the sewing thing, let me know! Have a good night!

  6. I've seen this from the Nester and joined but lost interest, maybe I'll have to check it out again. I love the glass and rattan candle holders!
    I'm now a follower hope you will do the same when you have a minute:)


  7. OKL is much great stuff...somedays I can't even look..I want to buy it all!

  8. Oh, I am loving those hurricane vases with the wicker! Thanks for the hot tip, I love this kind of stuff!

    And to answer the question you asked on my blog~ that's a chore chart in my kitchen. Once I get all the bugs worked out I will do a post about it :)

  9. Thanks everyone for using my link to join OKL. Have you seen the new rugs they posted today, they are awesome.

  10. They have great stuff thanks for the heads up!



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