Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paint Copier

I admit it, I am a copycat.  Dont get me wrong I come up with ideas all the time, but when it has come to choosing paint colors for our home, I went the route of shamlessly copying someone else.  When we purchased our home 6 years ago all the rooms were white except our Master Bedroom which was a bright bright shade of yellow/gold.  We lived with this color for a long time and finally got around to painting it last year.  Why did it take so long, part of the reason was that I could not decide on  a paint color.  That is until I saw this room and fell in love with the paint color.

Pewter and Sage
 ItsTaupetone from Benjamin Moore and is a perfect shade of brown, not too dark but not too light.  I am still working on this room, yes its been a year and I am still working.  My hubby has diagnosed me with decorators ADD,  you know start a project and never finish it before starting another, I like to say i'm just tweaking.  Anyway here is Taupetone in our bedroom

This space has come a long way since this picture was taken, I will update soon with a more current photo that shows our new furniture and bedding.

The dining room is still white and serves as a catchall, I hope to remedy this soon and plan to paint it Olympics Dusty Trail which I shamelessly copied from Katie when we painted our living room.

Our most recent painting project involved making our kitchen more currant by painting the kitchen cabinets.  Deciding on this color was harddddd, so in my triedand true fashion I set out to find the perfect white.  As my luck would have it Britt decided to paint her cabinets and posted this teaser picture.

I quickly emailed her and asked her the infamous question, What color did you use to paint your cabinets?  and see emailed me back lickety split with her color, Ballet White from Benjamin Moore.  Its a really nice white with a hint of cream, enough cream so that its not stark white, but its also not yellow either.  My kitchen is kind of a diaster at the moment, as is the rest of my house because we hubby is working on a BIG project that I hope to share real soon.  Unitl then you can get up close and personal with my Ballet White Cabinets.

Eventually I want to paint the kitchen walls grey instead of the current Greentree from Laura Ashley paints, which I didnt copy from anyone by the way.  I am thinking of using Bonsai like House Tweaking did  in her kitchen.  Copying is a form of flattery, right.

Oh, just as a side note, I always test the color out in my space before slapping it up on the wall, all of these colors were not even tested in my space before I painted the room.  Thank God they werent an epic fail.

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