Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to Sell

I've been on an organizing kick lately which has left me with a lot of items that I no longer need or want.  At first thought I was going to bag everything up and send it to my friend Will, thats my nickname for GoodWill we are on a nickname basis, but after reading a few blog posts on My Dear Trash, I decided to try my hand at ebay,  it is one of my goals to sell something on there.  So I followed all her advice and listed 8 items on ebay.

These pair of Citizens of Mankind Maternity Jeans were purchased from Will just because I knew they were a designer brand and I thought I could make a profit.

Purchased for $3.39 and sold for 24.50

These Citzens of Humantiy jeans were also purchased from the same Will.

Purchased for $3.39 and sold for ZERO

These boys Ralph Lauren Polo jeans were a gift to my son awhile ago and he can no longer were them, so on ebay they went.

Sold for ZERO

I also listed 2 dressess, 1 boys snowsuit, a boys sweater, and a pair of OshKosh Jeans all from our personal closets.

Total Sold:  $25.54
Expenses:   $5.55 (ebay fees), $1.65 (paypal fees), $3.65 (cost of jeans that sold)
Profit:  $14.69

I dont know if I will keep this up, but it was kind of fun to watch things sell. 

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