Friday, January 28, 2011

Mastering the Master Bath

Remember way back when I talked about painting the orangey oak cabinets in the Master Bathroom.  Well the other day I was in Lowes and checked out the Opps paint and found this gallon of dark brown paint for only five dollars, I snatched it up quicker than

The color is Leather Chair which is very close to the Besty Ross House Brown that Kate used during  her recent bathroom redo. You must go over and visit and get the full scoop on the room, it only took her 5 hours.
 mia bathroom after

The before of this space is extremely similar to our master bath

This picture is before we painted the walls and switched out the shower curtain, I was to lazy to go upstairs and take another picture.  I'm excited to get rid of that orange oak.  I'll be sure to show you my finished project, eventually not promising it will be anytime soon, but one can hope. Maybe hubby is reading and will sand, and put two coats of primer on it while hes on vacation :)  Honey are you reading?

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  1. visiting from A Bowl Full of Lemons. Oh, how I want to get rid of my orange oak! Trying to sway the husband in that direction. :-/



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