Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dance Baby Dance

The regalia is done, Pow Wow was over almost two weeks ago so I am ready to get started on lots of thrifty ideas and home projects waiting to be done. Literally I have a basket full of junk treasures longing for a touch of paint, hot glue, or twine. Remember my wicker furniture that needed to be painted, well its still not done. I started out using the 97 cent spray paint from Wally World (aka WalMart) and it is taking lotsssss of paint and to top it all off its chipping. Sooooo I had hubby pick up some good paint from Lowes (Valspar Spray Paint) and it is going much smoother albeit much more expensive. Next time I need good coverage I'll start out with the good stuff, lesson learned.
Now without further ado, let me present you with little mans grass regalia that was completely handmade by my mom and I. He was eager to dance and not the least bit shy in front of the hundreds of spectators and other dancers and even placed second in his category. I am one proud momma!!!

(Here he is waiting in Grand Entry which is when all of the dancers make their way into the arena at the beginning of the PowWow)

(My little grass dancer, dancing for our people and carrying on our culture, heritage and traditions)

Update: I'm coming back to the blogging world and linking up to this weeks CSI project!
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