Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sometimes I feel like I am missing out

I am new to the whole blog thing and I am enjoying every minute (hours) I get to spend looking for Christian inspiration, decorating ideas, educational advice, etc......but I have noticed that most moms are SAHM's and I am a little jealous. I make the most mulah so its not an option for me. By the time I get home fix dinner, try to clean up its time for bath and bed. I admire all of the SAHM's out there that have that special time with their little ones. My little man is 4yrs old and has ADHD is a challenge to say the least and I often leave him to play quietly just so I can get things done. Lately little man only wants dad and I feel like it is partly because they do the "fun" stuff: trucks, ball etc.. whereas I am all about trying to make sure he is prepared for Kindergarten. How can I get that bond back with my baby, I miss our cuddles and him being mommas boy.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    Our bed is a king and EVERYTHING on it is washable and gets washed often. That is what I like about all white bedding...you can bleach it. I love it. I think you could do this look even with a 4 year old...I have a 29 year old (hubby) and it still works for us! :) LOL

  2. Hi! To get your pictures where you want them in your post, you have to drag and drop them once they've been uploaded.

    They will always upload at the top of your post then you have to move them.

    And to add a button to your blog, you need to go into your layout view and click on "Add a Gadget". For a button you select the "HTML" option and paste the code into the body of the box that pops up. That will all make more sense when you're in the layout view.



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