Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can you beelieve that I just discovered the world of blogging? I did a search for organization and low and behold I am forever addicted to MeckMom, Org Junkie and Rocks in My Dryer. Each site offers something similiar, but yet they each have their own personality making them unique. I have been inspired these past two weeks reading product reviews, works for me wednesday posts, menu planning etc. Its hard to beelieve that they know so much and are so willing to share with the world. Thank you for your inspiration. I have always wanted to be organized, but never really had the tools to do so. Since reading these blogs I have organized my pantry, junk drawer in the kitchen, bathroom cabinets, and the bathroom closet. I will post before and after pics once I fiqure out how to. Did I mention that I am somewhat technology challenged? I am off to get fit, physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and organizationally (is that a word). Until next time......

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

    Oh, what a bummer about your table. I would probably give it a few days to dry really well. Then I would give it a good sanding to get off any paint that really wants to come off. Then I would re-prime and paint again.

    Ugh. Major bummer.



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