Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Decorating Help

Since discovering blog land I have stumbled across many places that I like to visit. Some of my faves that deal with decorating are A Soft Place to Land, The Hoyts House, The Inspired Room, and The Nester check them out they have lots of great ideas to make your home cozy and welcoming. I have been posting on Rate My Space for awhile now to get inspiration so I am going to try and upload a few of my rooms for your viewing all the help and suggestions are appreciated.

This is my 4 year olds bedroom. He wants a construction theme and I want a pottery barn feel. I know it looks boring but I just finished painting and putting the furniture back in place.

This is the guest/4year olds bathroom:

Living Room
Irecently purchased the rug from Lowes really cheap, but it when combined with my ottoman it looks to busy. I have sinced flipped the pillows back to show the print. Should I break out the trusty spray paint and tackle them in a can of brown, white or cream or should I put the ottoman back and find a solid color rug?

I want a mantle soooo bad and a 42 inch flat screen, but the tv isn't in the budget so how to I hide this design disaster.

This is a picture of the room from the entryway what you don't see are two more windows that are in the room at the front. I have sooooo many windows and drapes are so expensive maybe I need to try some mistreatments.

What do I do about this area over the sink? It was suggested that we make it a "fake" window, but I don't think I really like that idea to much.

I have thought about painting the cabinets white and he table, chairs, and island black.

I want to tone down the green a bit and use more aqua, and brown accents and get rid of the red because it is looking to bold. I love the prints in the room, but don't think that it flows well with the living area. Any suggestions on how to reuse the prints it is just painted on by the way.
I guess that is the end of my house tour, I havent attempted the master bedroom, guest bedroom or the entry area. Let me know what you think.


  1. Hi! I think your house is great! I like the red pics on the green wall in the kitchen. The Nester had a great idea for hiding her TV over the fireplace. I don't remember when she posted it, it was awhile back. Your kids bathroom is so cute!

  2. Hey, things are looking great! On the TV, sounds like you need a creative concealment! Maybe a big photo, mirror or some architectural piece like shutters or something. Let me know when you do your "Concealment"...I'd love to see it!

    More ideas can be found by clicking here

    and then following the other creative concealment links.

    For a mantle, you could just put up some brackets and hang a simple shelf to fill in the space.

    And for above your sink, how about a mirror?

    And paint your coffee table a nice shade of brown?

    My two cents for the day! You are making some really good progress!


  3. Hi, QB! Welcome to blogging & it's nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by & leaving me a note.

    Not sure I can give you a lot of suggestions right off the top of my head. I don't really see aqua/brown working with your lime green walls in the kitchen, so you may have to go another direction to make those colors work. I think painting your cabinets creamy white sounds great.

    Come back & see me again! I'm always up to something crafty.


  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by! Sorry I'm so late in commenting back...we've been redecorating our office (more to come on that on my blog). I think you're off to a great start with your son's room. You might want to consider going for a vintage toy/truck look in there if he likes trucks and you want Pottery Barn. You could even throw in a couple of airplanes or trains. They did a line a couple of catalogs back with a bedroom similar to that. It even had blue walls like yours. I'll try to do a post on his "centers" room. Just group like items and separate noisy activities/toys from the more quiet ones and create a space for each. Welcome to blogging! You'll have a great time and meet some fabulous ladies!


  5. Paint those cabinets white and don't look back! You will never regret it. Those are the same cabs I had at my old house that I painted black and I still miss them!

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your house is cute! I love love love your green kitchen! I would do a big chunky framed mirror (maybe even a round one) or a decorative shelf behind the sink in the kitchen.

    For the TV nook, how about art with hinges like a door. Or some shutters like Nester has in her house. you could probably just lean the shutters on your mantle and slide them closed when you wanted to hide the TV.

  7. Love the shutter ideas that everyone has suggested for the TV. Also, I think Nester did a mirror over her sink and hung something over the top of that (could be wrong though). I like the LR w/o the rug, just the ottoman.

    Hobby Lobby (not sure if you have them where you are) had some vintage looking trucks that a friend used. They looked like pottery barn but much, much cheaper.

  8. you could try simple, open shelving above your kitchen sink (try IKEA for lots of different shelving options) which you could use to prop artwork on, a pottery collection, or whatever you feel like. I also would suggest you paint your coffee table a solid, darker color like brown...or take the rug back, because I agree, it's fighting with the ottoman. And don't worry about your living room took me four years to get coverings for mine, because I liked the look of them "naked". I finally settled on plantation blinds, but again, IKEA is a great option for affordable curtains. You could always start with thin sheers, which are more affordable, and work up to a fancier drape if you'd like. thanks for adding Nesting Instincts to your blogroll!



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