Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Small Changes Big Impact

My boyfriend asked for my help in redoing the guest bathroom in his home, of course being the good girlfriend that I am I said yes. I challenged myself to make a big impact with just a little big of moolah. I started out by looking in my paint stash to see if I had a color that would work, low and behold I did, its a really pretty blueish green.  I used the same color in my guest bathroom last year, I don't think I ever showed it to you guys, another post for another day. The only money I spent was on the updated shower curtain.

 Just a few changes made a biggggg difference, don't you think.. Take a look at the before


And just because I like to see side by side action

Nothing spectacular, but for only spending 25 bucks, its a major difference. We did add a "new" mirror over the sink, but he already had it somewhere else in the house so that was FREE!!! I have a couple of other things I want to do in here, like add some artwork on the other side of the room, declutter the cabinets, and basically accessorize. I thought about painting the cabinets white, but not sure about that. What small changes have you made around your home that have made a big impact?


  1. So glad that you followed my blog - I love yours! I followed back :)


  2. Wow that is seriously so impressive! It is so crazy what a coat of paint and a little pattern will do. You are so sweet to help him out - it looks so much better!



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