Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kitchen Organization 2014

Have you been over to Mary Organizes, if not you definitely need to stop in for a visit. She has a lot of simple and practical tips to help you in getting your home organized.....One of the first blog post that caught my eye on her blog was De-Clutter Your Home in 91 Days, I'm not so sure I can get this house de-cluttered in 91 days, but I am going to try. For the first week you focus your attention in the kitchen, time to toss that mismatched tupperware, get rid of the deep fryer you never use, and simplify to just what you really use.  Just a little work each day and you can see some results. I started in the pantry and had way too much food that I had to throw away because it was expired, sad but true.


I didn't make a lot of changes other than decluttering and moving things around a bit...but I actually see a big improvement...


 Cabinets were next......
My spice and medicine cabinet, not awful but the after is sooooo much better

I really like the lazy susan for the spices and I still enjoy my thrift store canisters with the chalkboard label. Sometimes I think that having the canisters out on the counter would be nice, but I love a clear counter it makes my kitchen look bigger and cleaner..

This next cabinet had the biggest transformation in my opinion, at first it was a collection of a bunch of different stuff with no sense of order..My recipe books were falling over and I hadn't even taken my Pampered Chef items out of the packaging

It is sooooo much more functional, now and I think the magazine holders with my recipe books look great in this cabinet. Plastic containers hold all my Pampered Chef gadgets.

There are many more cabinets and drawers I could show you but I won't bore you with all of them..

Usually when I have worked on organizing in the past I focus too much on making it pretty that I get sidetracked and never finish actually de-cluttering. This time I got rid of the junk and will spend time making it pretty later, right now I just want to get rid of stuff....Have you started organizing this year? Any tips on getting and staying organized.

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