Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Organized Tote

This is the only outfit I took a picture of this past week
I would say its "okay"
nothing to brag about
I really do need to update my work attire

My favorite part of the outfit would have to be my 
Kate Spade Tote that I got for twenty dollars from a yard sale

However until a few days ago this bag was busting at the seams
I am willing to bet money that it weighed at least 7 pounds
Can I count carrying this bag as part of my workout???

Look at how much junk I had in there.....

I took everything out and put like things together
My floor looked like this

I had some kind of everything in this bag
I mean seriously I think I could have won the contest for most junk in a purse
I found the missing lens cap for my camera (that I want to upgrade)
4 tubes of lipgloss, computer charger, medicine, fruit cup, the list goes on and on and on
I threw the trash away and all other necessary papers were placed in my thirty one zipper pouch

I sorted all the papers into categories, To Pay, To File, Action
I need to label the clips, but my p-touch is out of paper

Most of my ink pens and other "office" supplies went into this pouch

I threw away my old thirty one wallet which was on its last leg

so much so that it wouldn't stay closed

I threw away all the old receipts, expired cards, notes written on scraps of paper
and downloaded the key ring app on my iphone
this app stores all of your "store cards" on your phone 
so that you dont have to carry them around in your purse
its now one of my favorite apps

I put everything neatly inside my new wallet from Target

Makeup, meds, and other toiletries were placed in a zipper pouch 

My bag is sooooo  much lighter
and I can actually find what I am looking for
Can you tell I love office supplies?
I am addicted to pens, journals, and anything office related....

What does the inside of your purse look like?

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