Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Fit and Healthy

One of my goals from my 101 goals list is to loose weight
I'm not what one would call "fat", but I can stand to loose some pounds
Because I am tall, I "carry the weight well" people say
But for me when I look in the mirror my attention is immediately drawn to the tire around my waist, the pudge, the loveeee handles, that in my eyes aren't so lovely
Being for real wit cha, its important for me to look my best, call me vain, but it is what it is
Honestly I dont feel that anything is wrong with taking pride in how you look, but its not all just 
about how you look, its about how you feel.

I am motivated to get this weight off
not just so my clothes will look better on my body
but because I want to be fit and healthy

I'm following these tips to get into shape 

START NOW by recommitting today
PLAN my meals daily
EAT (our bodies store fat when we don't eat)
TRACK meals in a food journal
MOVE that body, get your sweat on
IF you have a BAD week and fall back into old habits dont let the BAD week turn into a BAD month
VEGGIES are your friend

I cant believe I am going to show you these pictures, remember this is a judgement free zone

Well since I showed you my pictures, I might as well go ahead and give you the measurements

WAIST: 36.5"
CHEST: 36"
HIPS: 43"
WEIGHT: 161.6 pounds
GOAL WEIGHT: 140 pounds

Are you fit and healthy? Leave me a comment with your tips on how you stay fit and healthy...

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  1. I discovered Zumba this year, and it is a life changer - I actually look forward to going to the classes every time! And I get sad when I miss! It's like an hour long party where I burn calories.:)

    Good luck on your journey!



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