Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I HEART the Goodwill

I have a confession to make...... I LOVE to shop, even its its just browsing online or window shopping. The real confession is that 50%-75% of my wardrobe comes from here......

Yep, I shop at the GOODWILL...I know some of yall are thinking I would never wear second hand clothes.....  Not to "toot my own horn", but I get compliments all the time on my clothes, it really is all about how you shop the Goodwill and knowing what to look for...
For those of you who have never had the chance to step foot inside Goodwill, lets take a little tour....
First off take a look at the prices....I mean you can get alot of good items CH-EAP...
All the clothes are grouped by item type and color, so skirts with skirts, jeans with jeans etc.....


I've gotten "good" at shopping in here so much so that I can easily spot a quality item.  Just like this super cute orange pleated skirt from Banana Republic, if it were my size it would have made it into my closet

And this cute J-Jill army green vest would look super cute with skinny jeans and boots or even paired with a skirt for the summer.

See how Audrey put together this super cute outfit using a similar vest

If I don't have to pay full price then I'm not going to, especially since I find super cute quality items ALL the time.....

Take this outfit for example
Black Cardigan (FREE swiped from my mothers closet)
Striped Shirt (Ann Taylor Loft on sale for 4.77)
Red Cords 3.39 at my local Goodwill
Flats (FREE from my friends pile she was sending to Goodwill)

Grey Blazer Mossimo for Target (4.59 from Goodwill)
Skinny Jeans from New York and Company ($25.00 after coupon)
Black Pumps (Gifted)

Grey/Green Jacket (4.59 from Goodwill)
Sleeveless Dress (Birthday gift last year)
Born Boots (Super Clearance over the summer $25.00 original price over $150)

Wanna bee a Goodwill Fashionista, these two simple tips will help you get started


 Make an ongoing list of items you need to update your closet with or items that are currently "the trend". Just like shopping anywhere else it pays to have a prepared list of the items you have been searching for and or need. I keep a notebook in my purse with my list that includes items I'm looking for,. This is especially helpful when I am looking at household items because I can see what I need to complete a room, what colors I am using, and measurements of furniture needed.
Patience pays off – don’t expect to walk into your local Goodwill and find every item on your list. Check back often and visit more than one in your area.  I try to go at least twice a week to a different store, sometimes I hit the jackpot and other times I leave empty handed. Whatever you do DON'T GIVE UP, it may take a while to find what you are looking for, but eventually you should find the things you’re looking for, who knows you might find something different and better! For me the thrill is in the hunt, looking is the best part.... 
So recently I was at the Goodwill, go figure, and I was digging, literally through the big blue bins and found some pretty fabric balled up at the bottom of the bin. I thought, Ches that is some pretty fabric, then I pulled it out and said uh that is quality fabric and its a shower curtain. Perfect for the redo I have going on in the guest/kiddo bathroom. As typical I started looking for a tag to see the brand. I'm pretty sure the folks around me thought I had one the lottery when they saw the look on my face.....

I tossed that bad boy in my shopping cart as quick as I could you see I was prepared with what I wanted and persistent in looking.... I know you cant wait to see my Goodwill Pottery Barn shower curtain hung in the bathroom right......I really do Heart the Goodwill


  1. Great finds! I love shopping at Goodwill too...I've snagged some great clothes there recently and some Target houseware items too. :)

  2. Well done you! I love the first outfit, with the red cords.

  3. I love Goodwill! Most of my clothes are from thrift stores, but you would never know it! I don't think people realize that there are a lot of barely worn, name-brand clothes donated to thrift stores. It's not all junky, stained stuff.

  4. Hmm, you make me want to give Goodwill a shot! It doesn't surprise me though b/c I take a lot of good items there myself. I don't know if I have the patience to sift through so many things!


  5. I'm impressed! You made some great outfits from all your finds. I really like that blazer, such a classic//go-to piece. I used to frequent Goodwills but it's been a while. You've got me itching to hit one up!

  6. I love the thrift store. The one I go to does not organize their clothes that well but the prices are fabulous. I need to check out our local Goodwill now and see how it compares.

  7. I LOVE thrift store shopping too! Bargains are the BEST!

  8. Goodwill and thrift stores are also great for real china...some poeple don't realize what they are getting rid of...I found a tricket box this past weekend, antique Bavarian china!!! cost 1.98 work $50, not that I'm getting rid of it :).



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