Monday, March 14, 2011

So long Green, Gray is in the House!

Our kitchen has come a longggg way in only a few short months.  The cabinets were painted and boy did it make the world of difference in making the kitchen feel lighter and brighter.  However the bright green walls just wasnt working for me anymore, I wanted something a little more neutral but not beige.  After many days googling "gray paint colors", I finally decided to paint have hubby paint the kitchen walls Bedford Gray and today he did just that on his day off from work.  Just to remind you of the orangey oak and green walls here is a before shot.

oak kitchen cabinets

And a sneak peak of the new wall color (excuse the quality of the picture it was taken on a cellphone)

I'm excited to get home and clean off the countertops, put up my new drapes, and accessorize.  Hubby has done a great job.  I hope to have the full room complete this week to show you the full transformation.


  1. We should start a "Green-to-Gray" club! haha! It looks great.



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