Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cutting up a Perfectly Good Tablecloth

Over the weekend I went into TJMaxx in my hometown  looking for "the pillow".  Unfortuneatly I didnt find the pillow but I scored new bedding for my Master Bedroom and this fabulaus tablecloth.  I absolutely loved all the colors in the tablecloth and knew that they would make perfect drapes for my new kitchen.  My mom the seamstress was with me and concurred that it was in fact possible to turn the table cloth into curtain panels. Picture me doing the happy dance here.

In my inital kitchen plan I showed you  fabric from Tonic Living, but at almost 15.00 a yard I would have spent 120.00 just on the fabric for two panels and a window topper for the kitchen door.  That was a true budget buster.  Enter TJMaxx and for 19.99 I was able to get two 90" panels and enough fabric to make the topper, its a completely different color pallete but I think it goes great in my kitchen.  I loved the pattern so much that I purchased another tablecloth just in case I decide to move these in a different room and need more panels. 

Original Plan for Drapes                                                                                New Plan for Drapes   


Here's a better look at the pattern as my mom gets busy measuring and cutting the fabric.


And she begins to cut, notice I let her do this part I figured I'd let the "professional" do it. 

and here they are hanging in my "new" kitchen



  1. I can't wait to see the full room...I have a feeling it's going to be amazing!

  2. love this idea. i'm having a party today, i would love it if you shared this.

  3. thanks for sharing this at my party, i'm so glad you did!

  4. Can't wait to see it! I have the napkins that go with that tablecloth and I created pillows for our couch out of them. It's such a pretty print.

  5. I love the print on the tablecloth! Such a great idea to use turn them into drapes!

  6. I made that same print into pillows awhile back! I am in LOVE with it!

  7. Beautiful fabric! And such a steal, too!



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