Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitchen Progress

We are progressing right along on our mini kitchen renovation.  So far we had the cabinets painted, and hubby is almost finished with the flooring in the space.  I took these photos without any staging (aka cleaning up), so it definitely doesn't look as crisp as it will once we are finished.  The crown molding added to the top of the cabinets makes a huge difference, I'm so glad we decided to go ahead and get this done.
031 032
Want to know more about where this kitchen redo is headed check out my first design board here.  I started to wait until the final project was complete to show you, but I know I love to see other peoples real time progress so I thought you might like to see mine.

And a quick reminder of the orangey oak
oak kitchen cabinets
I thought I had taken pictures of the entire room in its orange oak glory, but I can’t locate them at the moment, but you get the picture, right.  Are you tackling any kitchen projects these days?


  1. I love kitchens with white cabinets! Great job, that is a lot of work and it turn out so clean and crisp.

  2. the white cabinets and green walls!!! Great combination!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! We have these SAME cabinets in our kitchen and are ready to paint them! Yours look amazing!! Did you paint them yourselves?! Your kitchen looks so lovely!



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