Monday, January 17, 2011

Yes I’m still organizing

Well, I got a little bit behind on my challenges, you know going to work sure does get in the way sometimes, having those snowdays were helpful.  So over the weekend I organized my freezer and spice cabinet and today I tackled under my bathroom sink.  I still need to organize under the sinks in the other bathrooms, but every little bit helps, right. 

Lets start with the freezer.  I have a side by side fridge and the freezer is small and I have the hardest time seeing what I have.  See what I'm talking about.


After some containerizing putting like things with like things, it looks much better.  I'm finding myself just opening the freezer to look at how organized it is.  I just love these bins from Big Lots. 


The narrow bin on the top is suppose to corral magazines but it is perfect for ice cream sandwiches and popsicles that I removed from the carton and the space beside it will be for some frozen pizzas once I go grocery shopping again.  The second shelf is home to all those yeast rolls and frozen biscuits that I shouldn’t be eating if I want to meet the goal of loosing 20 pounds that I talked about .  On the next shelf I have all my meat, lots and lots of chicken (Kroger had a sale) so now I can easily see what I have and what I might need.  My frozen meals fit perfectly in the freezer storage compartment at the bottom.   The sides of the freezer got a quick cleaning and then I simply separated like items with like item.

I have to say that this transformation has been my  most favorite so far.  I still have a few more projects to catch up on like my pantry (which is almost done), and my coat closet (which still looks like a bomb went off).  Luckily my spice/medicine cabinet wasn’t in that bad of shape



Just a little rearranging and containerizing and this project was DONE!  I still need some pretty labels, I’ll add that to the never ending to do list.


And finally I tackled under my bathroom sink, followed the basic rules, dump everything out, clean, containerize and put back.  Again loving my baskets, these were only a dollar at Dollar Tree.  Eventually I will add some pretty contact paper and possible some hooks on the inside of the doors, but until then.


IMGP6139  IMGP6142

I know you want to see inside my little drawers

IMGP6143 IMGP6144IMGP6145 


It feels so good to get organized.  Looking forward to the remainder of the challenges that Toni has up her sleeves.


  1. Great job! Love all the containers - the lazy susan under the cabinet caught my eye - great idea!

  2. It never occurred to me to use containers in my freezer...I'm going to have to run with this idea over to Dollar Tree the next time I organize and clean the fridge. Good thinking:)

  3. I have the same containers and I'm preppin for a big organization and purge this weekend.Your looks so neat.



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