Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tackled the Master Closet, Finally

I’m slowly catching up on all the challenges that Toni has us completing this month, only a few more to catch up on.  This weekend I tackled the closet in the Master Bedroom, its been on my to do list for a longggg time, its even on my 101 list.  Although our closet is a walk-in, its very narrow and nearly impossible for both of us to be in their at the same time.  Not only is it narrow, it also lacks adequate shelving.  I think my before pictures speak for themselves.
013  011

I took everything out of the closet threw it on our bed
What a mess, but you have to make a mess before it looks better, right?
I couldn’t make the closet wider, but I could install a new shelf.  Well I really didnt do it, thats what my handy hubby spent his Saturday night doing.  Thanks  honey.
After throwing all of this away, moving items that didnt belong to my  disaster holding area my closet looks like this.
 031   030012
My purses found a nice spot to hang, and the back of the door looks better after some purging
032 033
Eventually I will tackle my holding area in the guest room. 
Look at all the stuff I got rid of
029 028

  • 4 Belts
  • 2 Purses
  • 1 Pair of Shoes
  • 3 Hats
  • 2 Closet Fragrances
  • 3 ties
  • and a whole bag of trash
15 items to count toward Jennys challenge at Words on Wendhurst, thats a total of 59 items so far. 


  1. Good job! Looks so organized. Thanks for sharing your (disaster) holding area. I'm tired of seeing these "After--master closet" pics with 3 pairs of shoes and no pants...I know they are hiding something! Come on, people! Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. Well done! It feels so good to get a space organized and clean. I love knowing that I've gone through everything and it's all neat and clean now!

  3. Great job. It looks really nice. I'm a new follower.



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