Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 21 of the Organization Challenge

I went to Toni's blog this morning to see what the today's challenge is, and lo and behold its the last day.  I  cant beleive that 21 days have already passed, I guess time flies when you are having fun.  Its amanzing how I truely looked forward to the challenge and finding inspiration from all of the participants.  I plan to continue with her weekly challenges to keep me on top of staying organized.  My goal was to complete every single one of the challenges, but that simpy wasn't possible while working a full time job and maintianing a household, but I am happy to say that I got a lot done.

Day 1  Junk Drawer                                                      Day 12  Spice Cabinet
Day 2  Desk Top                                                          Day 13  Medicine Cabinet
Day 3  Tupperware Cabinet                                          Day 14  Under the Bathroom Sink
Day 4  Linen Closet                                                      Day 15  Medicine Storage 
Day 5  Under the Kitchen Sink                                      Day 16  Organizing the Fridge
Day 6  Dresser Drawers                                                Day 17  Mail Station 
Day 7  The Pantry                                                         Day 18  Keepsakes
Day 8  Coat Closet                                                       Day 19  Master Closet
Day 9  Toy Organization                                               Day 20  Photos
Day 10 Laundry Room                                                  Day 21  Your Choice
Day 11 The Freezer

If I'd have to pick which projects have made the biggest impact on my daily life, i'd have to say my Master Closet, and the Freezer.  Waking up each morning and going into a messy closet was not the best way to start the day and not being able to see what we have in the freezer often meant that we had to much of the same items. I am really proud of myself for sticking with these challenges and plan to go back and finish the ones that I didnt get to.

I've noticed throughout this challenge that
  • Making a space pretty inspires me to organize
  • I love shopping for storage options
  • I'm motivated by seeing the way other people organize
  • I really like to see other peoples messes
I love looking at organizational posts.  In the next few months I want to tackle these projects I've found on blogland.

This ribbon organization meets my pretty requirement and is something that I need to get a handle on.


Again Chris at Just a Girl never ceases to amaze me.  Isnt this craft organization awesome.

Jen at I Heart Organizing has a whole series on paper clutter that has my name written all over it.

I think Toni has really sparked an organizing bug and I'm super excited to continue on this process.  What projects do you have on your to do list?

By the way I still need to find a home for these.


  1. Love the organized list. Now you can see what you've accomplished . . . and what's left to do. I'm like you. I love my newly organized spaces and I can't wait to tackle other areas! Keep us posted!!

  2. I've got a list on mine too, and it really helps me keep track of what I still need to do, I love seeing things get shown as done! Good luck with the games. They're a pain in our house too, but thankfully they fit on a bookshelf in our hallway.

  3. Im so proud of you! I love your peg board idea.. ive seen it around and I think Im going to give it a try. :))



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