Monday, August 16, 2010

I recently stumbled across a fabulous blog Clean Mama, doesn't that blog name just scream domestic. Her blog is full of wonderful tips, ideas and printables to make life easier for us busy women. For the month of August she has a long list of items that she is tackling and I decided to tackle my longggg to do list as well.

The month of August is moving quickly and unfortuneately for me I've been moving at a snails pace on this list. Heres whats on my list to get DONE

  • Make dental appointments
  • Make yearly doctors appointment
  • Hang mirror in downstairs bathroom
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Organize papers/filing
  • Organize little mans art work into a binder
  • Put stuff away beside couch
  • Paint dresser
  • Paint sofa table
  • Put cabinet pulls on bathroom cabinet
  • School shopping
  • Organize Mary Kay business
  • Print pictures for photo wall
  • Organize movies
  • Hang curtain rod in little mans room

So you think I can get this done in 13 days, only time will tell. Check out Clean Mama and see how shes doing with her list

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