Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project #1

So over the weekend we were in target and of course I had to take a look at the home decor, not that I was shopping for anything in particular I just like to look for ideas for the future. I found this really pretty gray and yellow pillow that I thought would be a great inspiration color for a room, and hubby burst my bubble before I could even say anything about it. Instead of "honey thats a nice pillow where do you think it will work in our house", I hear "we dont need any more pillows".

At first I was a little ticked off, but after he explained that yes, we may eventually need pillows for whatever reason at the moment we do not. He went on to say that he likes my decor projects, but he would appreciate if I would finish one before starting another. OK, so he's right, ughhh! So one room at a time it will be from this moment on. Since I am a big thrift shopper like Katie over at Bower Power I am going to use her suggestions and make a list of what I need for a room and if its not on the list it doesnt make it into the cart. I am also taking Melissa's advice to tackle one project a week and not wait until the day that we decide to put the house on the market ~ get it done and enjoy it. That being said,

The first room on my project list is our Master Bedroom, and here is what I plan to do

1. Paint the walls Benjamin Moore Taupetone
(inspired by Sarah's lovely guest bedroom)
2. Purchase King size mattress
3. Upholster headboard
4. Purchase or paint dresser, chest, nightstand
5. Purchase armoire
6. Purchase bedding
7. Purchase drapes
8. Accessorize

I definitely have my work cut out for me and I would love to have this project finished by the end of February. Do you think I can do it? We may get some snow this weekend so it will be the perfect time to stay in and paint the day away!

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  1. :) This cracks me up! My husband would also like me to "finish one project at a time!" I've had to tell him more than once that I just don't operate that way... You can definitely pull it off by the end of February! Good luck!




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