Thursday, September 17, 2009

Focusing on Organization

Remember when I told you about my homework/command center, yeah I know it was a longggg time ago. I did get it done well before school actually started, but posting about it has been another story. It all started with this inspiration post from Aby over at Creative Organizing. Her message center look so organized and it was pretty which really gave me the inspirtaion to get to work. The cabinet in the kitchen had become a catchall of everything from mail, to decorative items not in use. I decided that since little man would be entering kindergarten and would have homework and projects to work on, the cabinet would be the perfect place to put all things realted to homework.

Here is a before picture:

And the much more organized after:

The paper tray will hold loose leaf and construction paper. Next to the paper tray is a bin that holds everything little man will need to complete his homework, gulesticks, pencils, erasers, sissors and a few other things. The class canisters hold beads and pompoms for creative projects. On the bottom is a place for his coloring and work books and surplus school supplies.

Here is a close up of the nicely labeled bins

Here is a view of the top

My favorite part of the message center is actually the top. I found my chalkboard at a yardsale. In its previous life it was orange, but a can of paint transformed it to a nice shade of white. I added our initials using scrapbook paper and it is know the perfect way to communicate and remember the days tasks. In the basket I have folders for bills, coupons, and school communication. See those numbered jars, they look like they came from Pottery Barn, but I found them at a yard sale for 25 cents each, added the numbers with craft paint and after it was semi-dry wiped some of the paint off for a distressed look. I think my 75 cents version is just as nice as the 39 dollar version at Pottery Barn. What do you think can you tell a difference? Look beyond the lack of professional pictures please.

Go see what some fabulous bloggers are DIY'ing this week over at A Soft Place to Land

Update: Come over to the organizational party at Our Suburban Cottage


  1. Looks great! I love the chalkboard with initials to keep everyone on task. And your jars look just like the PB ones. Great job!!

  2. Hey! I was really expecting someone else to do the PB jars, too! I mean, they are so cute and as many bloggers out there who are crafty, I figured others would try it. Yours turned out well! Glad you got a good deal on the jars. That makes it even better. Good job!


  3. It came out great! I love the chalkboard and the PB inspired jars. I may have to try that one.

  4. Love it! It looks so inviting you might have to restock those poms poms - he's going to want to create all kids of things.
    (or throw them at the dog, like my boys do - HA!)

    I hope it looks as pretty a month from now ;) Great job!

  5. Yours look every bit pottery barn! I love seeing how people imitate PB without spending all the big bucks.

    Great area overall.

  6. I love a good PB knockoff! Those jars look great :).

  7. Great ideas and inspiration for organizing! The Pottery Barn jars are so cute.

  8. Great job! I love those jars, and the chalkboard is perfect. You must be so pleased with the space.

    Thanks for linking up to the party!

  9. Looks great! Like the chalkboard.



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