Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've got a longgg List

Can you beleive that I was featured on Tip Junkie for my DIY Pier 1 Wreath. Go visit Laurie and check out all of the other tips that have been featured.

I recently went around to each room of my house writing down each and every little thing that I want to do in that particular room, boy is it a longggg list. Some of the things are little things like take 5 minutes to hike myself up on a chair to clean the ceiling fans, or find a place to organize my crafty items, but other items are going to take much more time and money. For instance I really want to "fake my wood floors in the kitchen and entryway", paint my kitchen cabinets and table, redo the downstairs bathroom, the list goes on and on and on.

It doesnt help that I have a severe case of decorating ADHD, I will start one project leave it alone and start another which is resulting in little piles of uncompleted clutter projects. I have decided to do one room at a time, instead of a little bit in this room and a little bit in that one. Since we spend the most time in the family room and it honestly is the closest to being "finished" (really are we ever truely finished), I am starting in there. You can read about the coffee tables that I hubby just finished for the space here.

This room gets a lot of light and is very long so I am planning on using the end of the space with the big window as the dining area open to the rest of the living space. It needs a nice fresh coat of paint and I am leaning towards Tobacco Road, SW Latte, or SW Whole Wheat. Which one do you think will look best? Have any of you used any of these colors. Help me out!!! The art work can go, by the way. I have lots of plans for this space so stay tuned for pictures of the work in progress. I am off to make my home beautiful one room at a time.


Tobacco Road

Whole Wheat


  1. I like all the paint choices you've made. Have you tried painting any of them on your wall so you can see them in your light? I have Latte in a bathroom, and I love it in there. I painted some Whole Wheat on my son's wall when I was choosing his new paint color. I liked the color, but his room gets a lot of sun, and it looked a little too green in a lot of light. I ended up going with SW Macadamia in his room. So it all depends on your light, and how it looks in your space!

  2. Oh, I think Tobacco Road would look great! I love making lists in my rooms too. :)

  3. My vote is the Latte. I use a similar color called "Oregon Coast" and I love it. I've used it in both of my houses now, and I love it! It's neutral, not too dark, not too light, and you can always do an accent wall later if you want.

    I like that idea of making lists for every room. I should do that, but I fear I'd get a little overwhelmed! I also have project ADHD. :)

  4. Paint colors are so hard!! Tobacco Road is the only one I have seen in photos on someone's house...and it was gorgeous, but I am sure they all would be! :)



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