Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Goals

I have mentioned in previous posts some of the goals that I have for this year, so I decided to break it down into measurable monthly goals. In February I want to:

1. paint all living room tables black
2. complete art/command center in kitchen
3. start painting kitchen cabinets white
4. stay on cleaning schedule
5. don't let laundry pile up
6. start a compost pile
7. work out 30minutes/day 4 days
8. increase water intake
9. paint one room (haven't decided which one yet)
10. have a date night
11. continue to work on letter recognition with little man
12. learn to use my NEW camera (Pentax 2000k)

I plan to update you with completed projects with pictures throughout the month.


  1. Now those are some goals! Good luck and keep us posted.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog the other day =)

    Regarding our cabinets:
    We roughed up the doors and frames w/ a good sanding (took the doors off of course). Cleaned and wiped them down.
    One coat of primer (Kilz Gripper Primer) and then 2 coats of Behr white paint in semi-gloss.
    We used a foam roller and a brush for the corners and crevices.
    Note: make sure to allow adequate drying time in between coats (to the touch) and at least 3-5 days before re-hanging the doors.

    B/c we used a semi-gloss, they are super easy to clean. They've been thru a muddy wet dog, exploding coffee, spilled wine, and OJ and have passed w/ flying colors!

    Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions =)

  2. I can't wait to see pictures of everything black, it'll look awesome.

    I made the board in photoshop and saved it as a jpeg, then just inserted it as an image. I'm definitely not a pro, but if you want me to put something together for you just let me know - or I can talk you through it if you have access to photoshop! Happy to help!

  3. Wow! That's an ambitious list. Wanna come over to my house when you're finished :)?



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