Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look What I've Been Doing

Last weekend I hit the jackpot when I went thrift store shopping and I even had pumpkin (my 4yr old) in tow. We started our outing by going to Habitat Hand Me Ups, but nothing appealed to me that wasn't already sold. Then I went to this place that from the outside it looks like Sandford and Son's junk yard exploded called Everything But Grannies Panties. Needless to say I decided to stop and take a look around, boy am I glad that I did. I purchased an Apothocary jar for $1.50, 6 curtain panels with bedskirt and pillow shams for $2.50 and the accent table that I desperately "needed" to put in my living room for $60 dollars (including delivery). Pumpkin and I went home and got to work washing and drying the curtains, hanging my rods that I got the previous weekend from a yard sale and clearing out all the toys for my new table. Here is the finished result: I HATE these drapes good thing I only paid @2.50 cause they are going on the next yard sale that I have. They are way too busy and tropically for the room, but I LOVE my new table and the possibilites that I have to decorate it.

After lurking on The Nester's blog, I decided to try my hand at a new window treatment in the kitchen. I used 6 dishtowels that I purchased at a yard sale, two cafe rods and some clearance drapery clips from Tarjay. Whatcha think?

Heres a closer view

It's coming along slowly but surely. I have so many more projects on my list. I am having a yardsale this weekend with my mom, so I will "shop" her stuff to see what I come home with and will let you know.

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  1. oh, you SO made out good! nice job! woo hoo!




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