Saturday, September 20, 2008

20 Things I Love About Autumn (really only 10)

Melissa over at The Inspired Room shared her list of favorite things about the Fall. Here is my lovely little list.......

1. Shopping for new Fall clothes.
2. Hazelnut Lattes in the morning.
3. Taking the little one Trick or Treating.
4. Snuggling up with my favorite blanket and book.
5. Watching the leaves change to orange, yellow and red.
6. Preparing for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday's
7. Candy Apples at the State Fair.
8. Homemade soup at moms house on Sunday.
9. Sweaters and Boots.
10. Making my Christmas ornament for the annual exchange party.

I must not be much of a fall person as I could only think of 10.


  1. Well your list of 10 is a great start! I bet if you visit all the other links you'll think of 10 more real fast. Fall is the best! :-) {wink} Thanks for being a part of the fun.

    Happy Autumn!

  2. Enjoyed reading your list! There seem to be many favorites among us this season. Happy Fall!

  3. I love Fall.

    I think its the clothes.

    And the pumpkin spice deliciousness.

  4. You thought of a great one...hazelnut lattes! My fav!!

  5. I really like your table. The top of it is beautiful. I might paint the legs some snazzy color and leave the natural wood on the top. I did a coffee table like this once. I just wish I had a pic. I enjoyed looking at your rooms. Your little boy's room has a lot of potential.

  6. Oh boy that hazelnut latte sounds yummy! We don't really have Fall here so I would only have a few things on my list too. Thanks for visiting my blog today. It's nice to meet you. :-)

  7. your top 10 sounds great! I am so excited that fall is here!

  8. Love your Autumn list! The Fall clothes shopping is a nice one!

  9. hey there! i had a few (random) thoughts about your question about your son, do you have an email address i can send a reply? didn't want to take up a big comment space! ha!


  10. Candy Apples sound good!

    Happy Fall!



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