Monday, February 3, 2014

Beginning of a Master Closet Re-organization

This weekend I continued my goal of organizing by working in my master bedroom closet. It was a mess I really need to learn to make a home for everything and actually put things back into place, that sure would make life easier.

Here is my super messy and disorganized closet.

First off give me a high five for what is actually working in this space. What do you see that's working, not much right. Well look a little closer and you might see a few things 

1.  Storing shoes in plastic shoe boxes works great but would be much better with nice labels on them.
2.  I love love love scarfs and have a nice collection, non of which I want to part with so the hanging scarf organizer works well. 

First off I went through every single item in the closet and put them in categories of


I filled one garbage bag full to take to goodwill and two totes that went to consignment or will be in my super sale in the spring.

I got rid of enough clothes that all my hangers matched

But that wasn't enough for this gal, I took it a step further when I remembered I had these hanging out in the trunk of my car, yes I forgot I had them.

I just love how much better my clothes look on these hangers

And if you look closely you will see good ole Roy G. Biv in action yes think back to elementary school I sure did organize my clothes by the color of the rainbow Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

By this time I simply had no more energy so the rest of the closet will get tackled in increments this month. Stay tuned for more!!! Have you tackled your Master Bedroom closet, I'd love to hear your tips!!!


  1. I need to do this too! My closet is a mess!

  2. I used to organize my clothes by color, but now I just do by sleeve-length. I had to clean out my closet over Christmas break because it was such a mess I could hardly walk in there.

  3. Is it silly that this post makes me really excited?! I absolutely love to organize and it looks like you are making some great progress! I like my clothes organized by color too :)

  4. Looking good! I keep thinking that I need to invest in these hangers, but I can be so cheep sometimes. They look like they would be worth the investment, though. I may put these of my list of things I need.



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