Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kitchen Gallery Wall Improved

In the process of de-cluttering over the weekend, I found some "new" items for  my kitchen gallery wall. 
 The previous arrangement was just "eh" to me it was good but not that good
I'm liking the improvements to the wall, but I still have some room to add new pictures.  I took down all the frames that weren't the same color white, its amazing how you can tell the differences between shades of white. I think the new wall art will compliment the new curtains once I hang them.

 I found this artwork my little man created at school last year hiding in a stack of papers

It looks great in a white frame

I also found these fabric napkins that were popped into white frames

I have about 6 more white frames that need "art" 
I would also like to add some sort of word, perhaps EAT or ENJOY

Searching for gallery walls on pinterest has given me lots of inspiration.
For instance I would love to have a pop of yellow art like this gallery wall

                                                                                        This one is also nice

Do you have a gallery wall?  I think they are a great way to fill up a wall relatively inexpensively



  1. Looks good! I love that there's still room to expand too. I have a gallery wall in the living room/hallway. I think I want to re-do the whole thing though. I want to add some bigger frames and random items so it's not all frames.

  2. I really love the idea of the gallery wall! I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom and really need to do that above my desk! So adorable!



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