Monday, February 25, 2013

Weight Loss Journey

Current WTH (Waist to Hip) ratio: 0.84 (apparently I'm an "avocado," moderate health risk)
Visit this website to learn more about the importance of this number. It explains it pretty well!
If you want to calculate your own WTH ratio, go HERE.

Current BMI: 25.3 (overweight)
I used this website to calculate my own BMI. I am at the very beginning of the scale for the "overweight" category, but looking at this flab I know I am.

Goal weight: 140

 Based on my previous weights this seems like a good number for me. I went to this website after googling what my weight should be given my height and age.

One of my worse habits is either skipping breakfast or eating a pastry and Grande Starbucks Latte. So today I started with a healthy morning shake. Visalus shake mix and 8oz of Mango Peach V-8 Juice.
Very yummy and filling.

and I started counting calories through this ap on my iphone

Next step add in some water and find a gym. Perhaps if I buy me a new pair of Nike's I will get to the gym.....Nothing like a little shopping trip to motivate me.


  1. A few of us in my work group are doing a weight loss challenge. One of the guys has lost over 20 lbs already and swears My Fitness Pal is the best thing ever. Good luck with your weight loss!

  2. Workout clothes are what motivate me! Marshalls/TJ Maxx always has cute capris and tops.



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