Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Thrifty Adventures


Growing up in the south, I can remember my grandparents talking about working in the “baccer” field and how much hard work it was.  My mom and her cousins worked in their grandparents field every summer priming tobacco.  Although it was grueling and backbreaking work, my mom said she learned a lot in those fields about hard work, determination, and faith.  Mom says that grandma told stories in the field and made sure they all knew where they came from.  I am so thankful for the teachings that grandma gave my mom, because she passed them down to me.  I’ve always wanted a piece of this history in my home, but I wanted it to also fit with my decor.  I decided that a huge tobacco basket would be just the right statement piece to have in our home and have been looking for one for the past year and I found the perfect one over the weekend at an excellent price of only $25.  Tobacco baskets are super hard to come by especially when they are intact and in relative good condition.  Most baskets I have seen on ebay are at least $50 and about the same to ship.



I haven't decided where it will land, but my options are in the Master Bedroom over the bed, in the Living Room over the couch, or in the front room that has no purpose at the moment.  Where would this basket land in your home?

To give you an idea of where people are using tobacco baskets in their home, I wanted to share these pictures with you.

Amanda Carver Designs

Shopping candy

A Soft Place

Southern Living

Worth point


I’m so glad I was able to find this meaningful piece for such a great price.  The little shop I went to even had three more in good condition, I started to buy them all and sell on Ebay, but thought it would be to much of a hassle.

My second find of the day doesn't have the familial significance as the tobacco basket, but I love to mix in the old with the new, and this antique fan is perfect.  Its in great condition other than the 6 layers of dirt that has accumulated.  More than likely this fantastic fan will take residence in the Master Bedroom.  Want to know how much I paid?


5 dollars, can you believe it?  The thrifty fairy must be on my side these days!!!

I did a Google image search for antique fans and guess what, Katie has one in her bedroom, how ironic is it to find the exact antique fan.



Have  you found any thrifty items lately?  I’d love to see what's landed in your home.


  1. you found some Really nice things Ches. i love your finds. it's so nice to have something so meaningful in your possession.

  2. Looks great!That fan was the find of the week you are so lucky!

  3. Very cool finds! Love that fan!


  4. YAY! What a find! It looks like it's in fantastic condition!

  5. I love the basket!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Follow me!



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