Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Coupon Binder

 Harris Teeter will have triple coupons this week which means they will triple the value of any coupon up to .99.  I'm all about collecting my coupons, but haven't been good about using them lately, but I know that I can save some serious cash this week if I use them correctly.  First I know that my binder needed a complete overhall.  It had clipped coupons (mostly expired) stuffed in the outside cover and the inside was a bit of a mess.

Look at all these expired coupons, money down the drain, with my new binder I hope to reduce this pile alot.

I was already using the every popular baseball card method of organizing the coupons, but my categories were a bit too broad and it took forever to find the coupon I was searching for.  Enter the Krazy Coupon Lady and her FREE printable of 36 categories and it will be so much easier to find the coupon when I'm planning my shopping trip.  If you haven't visted her before you should stop by and see all that she has to say about coupons.

Doesnt my binder look much better?  I can hardly wait to go shopping.

Do you coupon?  A few ladies at my church asked me to teach a coupon class in a few weeks.  I by no means feel like a expert and I'm definitely not an extreme couponer, but I hope to be able to pass along the knowledge that I do have. 

If you were to go to a coupon class what would you want to learn, any suggestions for keeping it fun.  I'd love to hear your thougthts.

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  1. Love it! I Just made a coupon binder too! And I printed out the same pages from Krazy coupon lady! :) Great minds think alike! ha! Erin



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