Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Gallery Wall is UP

I still have several finishing touches to add to the kitchen, but I finally have been able to get a great start on adding a gallery wall to this blank space.  My handmade apron (by me) was getting a little lonely.

After finding some inspiration, I started out by googling “techniques to hang gallery walls'”, and ending up with lots of information.  The Youngsters process seemed the most precise, but at the same time time consuming.  Other people have laid the frames on the floor and moved them around until they found the best configuration.  Me, I just eyeballed it, no tools required other than a hammer and nails.  I think things seem straight and pretty balanced.
I decided I wanted to add some texture to the arrangement and snagged a woven platter at a yardsale for fifty cents and the frames with the lemons were rescued from my failed yardsale.  My favorite piece would have to bee the BEE Happy print I found here.  I still have 6 other frames I could add to the mix, but I’m  not sure if I will.  I also need to find something to put in three of the frames, preferably something that's not wordy. 
Although I really like this print, I’m not sure it “goes” well with the overall room.  It has some of the colors from the curtains, but I fear that the red is throwing things off, what do you think?
So, now I am left with a bit of a dilemma, do I keep the print and find new drapes, because when I look at this picture the print totally makes sense.
See how the orange and green compliment the print.  It seems like I need more pink if I am going to keep these drapes.  Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, such is the challenge of an amateur decorator. 

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  1. your gallery wall looks great. i love the prints you chose and the overall look of your kitchen.

  2. I think you should keep both the print and the curtains - they don't need to match perfectly, but the overall tone of the room works, so a little bit of quirk here and there just makes it all the more personable. I love the gallery wall, it looks fabulous!

  3. OMG, I love it all!!! Leave the print and where did you find those curtains?!?! Or did you make them from fabric?

    Your kitchen looks great! I'm going to come back later. I'm on my phone looking at your blog. I'll log online tonight from my laptop!

    Thanks for sharing your link!

  4. Yay bet it puts a smile on your face everytime you walk past. I like the curtins I think they make the space look bright and colourful.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. This looks lovely! I love the bright colors you used. Leave the print!
    Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!

  6. Hi, Chess. I got your comment (you might want to add your email address to your Blogger profile so people can contact you that way). :) One of the links you left was a link to a Craigslist listing, so that may have been your problem. Sometimes you have to refresh the page once if you see that blue screen on the list of links, and then the picture will show up like the rest.

    I'd be happy to add your link for you if you would add a link back to my blog since I'm hosting the party. :) Just let me know if you need help!

  7. Love that you have your gallery wall in your kitchen, ours is in our hallway.

  8. I'm pretty much obsessed with gallery walls! It looks great and made a big difference in your space!

  9. I love how colorful the gallery wall is!!! Beautiful! Thanks for commenting on my gallery wall and introducing me to your awesome blog...I'm your newest follower!

    Turning a House into a Home

  10. I featured your gallery wall for Workshop Wednesday! Thanks for linking to the party!

  11. Beautiful! Love the white frames.(Came over from Sugar Bee Crafts) New follower. :)

    Just started my own link up party over at

    Would love to have you link up. A giveaway is involved. :)


  12. Hey! :) Just letting you know that I'm featuring this on Thursday on my blog. Thanks so much for linking up. :) I've got another party going on right now...feel free to drop by. :)


  13. your gallery wall makes me smile!
    thanks for linking up to catch as catch can,



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