Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing Organizational Catch Up (Part 1)

I didnt get the chance to work on my dressers or pantry until the weekend.  Here is my progress so far..
These are the top two drawers which were pretty much organized already so they stayed the same.  I use some plastic containers to seperate my socks and tights.  In the second dresser I have my tanks that I roll up because it takes up a significantly less amount of space.

   Before                                                                        After

I was even left with and empty drawer! 

The bottom drawer holds my collection of sweaters neatly folded and color coordinated.

This dresser in our closet holds workout lounge clothes, and pj's. Again I roll up the t-shirts to take up less space.  My side is nice and neat but I can hardly even open hubby's drawers, maybe i'll convince him to clean it out because I would love to be able to take the dresser out of the closet and free up some of that
floor space.


Just so you dont think i've got it all together.  This space in our closet is screaming HELP!  I'm sure we will tackle this space soon.

So far I have all this stuff to donate or take to consignment.

3 sweaters
2 pair of jeans
2 pair of dress pants
1 jacket
2 workout t-shirts
4 tank tops
2 pj bottoms
3 pair of fuzzy socks

19 items to count toward my goal of getting rid of 111 items in January 2011, that means I only have 66 items to go to reach the challenge over at Words on Wendhurst.

Check out A Bowl Full of Lemons for more inspiration.


  1. I like your resolution of 111 items. Great idea. I need to recycle about 111 plastic bags that I pulled out of my pantry and it feels like I have 111 loads of laundry to catch up on. I am a little leery of committing to donating 111 items. Lord knows that I need to, but it's hard for a pack rat like me.

  2. I was thinking 111 items this year, not this month! You go girl!

  3. Well done! You are well on your way to 111 things! Thanks for linking up, hope you'll link up again this week! :-)



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