Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 2 Organization Challenge

Today's challenge was simply to clean off your desk top, thats it just the top, lucky for me because the inside is one hot mess. Generally I find that I do most of my "office work" at the kitchen table because I dont have a designated office. So I created a command center awhile ago and it was beginning to look a little dishelved to say the least. Initally I used a basket with pretty folders to corrall all of the papers that come in on a daily basis, but I was finding that the folders were bending and didnt stand up easily. When I was visiting Will I scored the exact same file box that Toni uses in her mobile command center for only three dollars. I added some Walmart file folders and the space looks so much neater. I still need to label everything but my labeler ran out of tape so I will get to it this week. I know you really want to see my before and afters so here you go, I hope you enjoy.

Head over to A Bowl Full of Lemons to check out all the other spaces that are being organized.


  1. That is a nice workspace!

  2. Do I see hanging folders like mine?? GREAT TRANSFORMATION!!!

  3. love the colour of the walls! great desk~



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