Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hairdo Help

I am in need of a new "do" and thought that you all would like to weigh in on what you think looks best on me, but before I show you what cuts I am thinking about I thought you might want to see a blast from the past few years.

Easter 2005 (26 years old)

Spring 2006 (27years old)

Summer 2007 28 years old (super short, I was going for the "Halley Berry look")

Spring 2008 29 years old (my hair is naturally wavy) This is hubby and little man at his 4 year old party.

Christmas 2008 (the big 30)

So do you like my hair super short, mid-length, or long. I tend to think that I get more compliments with it shorter, but that could be because I acutally take the time to style it instead of putting it in a ponytail. I have thought about leaving it long and adding side swept bangs and I also love this bob. Lets hear it ladies.......


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

    I have to say, I like your hair like it is in the last picture - shoulder length. But, that's just my humble opinion. :)

  2. Hey, Queen Bee! Thanks for your advice on my green magazine rack! Love the idea of the scrapbook paper!! Don't know why I didn't think about that!! Duh! YOu are so sweet to mention it.

    OK--Here's my 2 cents for the hair style idea. The Halle Berry is absolutely precious on you!! If you don't want to go that short again before summer, go for the bob...if you have the straight hair that it needs to look right. I don't...wish I did! Can't wait to see what you choose.

    BTW, read a few of your earlier posts, and the one about your darlin' son and school caught my eye. I taught in the public school system in SC for 13 years( kindergaten thru 2nd) and have been subbing fort the past 7! I am OLD, chickadee!! If you feel that he is not ready for kindergarten, may I suggest something to research and PRAY about? Do y'all have Montessori schools near you? They are wonderful for busy children. A good friend of ours has the same issues with her daughter. And, there's nothing wrong with a small amount of medicine to help him stay calm and focused enough to learn. Most ADHD kids adjust very well. Just a thought. Please keep me posted as to what you and hubby and God decide!!


  3. I love the natural wave look...or maybe I'm just jealous??? You look great all ways...I get mine short enough to be easy, but long enough to pull back in a pony tail which I do every single wingle day of my life. Blah!

  4. Oh hair!! I think Katie Holmes bangs would look great on know, sort of side swept, and then your length kind of where it is right now. Ha! How's that for advice from a total stranger :).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I used a good primer (I think it was Gripper) and the just used Behr paint in a satin finish on the cabinets and paneling (Behr Creamy White). I used Ralph Lauren Cotswold Breeches on the walls.

  5. I love bobs. I think their so stylish and classy. I want to cut my hair into a bob so badly but my DH is having a hissy fit. If I just went and did it he would have to deal with it but then I would feel that everytime he looked at me he would shutter. UGH Im so ready to take my hair back to brown too. 20 years of blonde and Im thinking I need a change.

    So my vote is for the bob. :)I think that would look adorable on you :)

  6. Hmmm, I really like your hair longer. It's so strange, I almost didn't recognize you as the same person from one picture to the next. I have never experienced that before!! I wonder if the same is true for me?? I wonder if I look completely different with different hair styles? Hmmm, something to ponder. But anyways, lol, I like your hair longer.

  7. Been going thur your posts and this one about hair caught my eye, I'm not a fan of short hair only because I look terrible in short but I love the bob and longer hair. I'd go for the one with the longer hair!


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