Monday, January 12, 2009

Whats Going On

I didn't get off to a great start with my new goals for 2009 last week. Lets hope that this week is better.

I did do this

  • Communicated better with hubby.

I half way did this

  • Spent time with God (somewhat I am reading the Love Dare which has some daily verses) I still have to do much better
  • Started cleaning the house and finally took down all of my decorations, know I have to get hubby to put them away in the attic.
  • Had more patience (does it count if I am asleep)
  • Worked on my photography (I took a few pics, but I am not happy with my camera I really want the Nikon or Cannon SLR.

And the rest, well I just didn't do.

My hubby often says that he is bored and that he doesnt have anything to do so I told him (jokingly) that I was going to start leaving him a list of projects that I wanted him to do and guess what he started on one today all by himself. Thanks sweetie. I found a wooden painted safari themed toy box at Good Will for $20 and the safari them had to do. So today he has put 3 coats of primer on it so all I need to do after little man is asleep is put a coat of fresh paint on it. What to know what color I choose, well you are gonna have to come back for a visit later this week. By the way those hidious curtains are now a thing of the past and I am once again curtainless. I am thinking about putting up burlap curtains like these over at The Lettered Cottage. I really like the texture, simplicity and most importantly they are budget friendly. What do you think? Do you think they will be to close to the color of the wall? Let me know I need some help.

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